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DOT Limescale Descaler 50grams | Washing Machine Drum, Tub cleaner, Shower head hole, Nozzles, Blenders, Mixers, Coffee and Tea Machines, Kettles

India's 1st Multipurpose Descaler for Washing Machine, Shower Head Holes, and Blenders, Mixers, Coffee Machines, Tea Machines, Kettles. To remove heavy stains in Chimney, Oven Grill, buy DOT Kitchen Oil Stain Remover.

DOT Detergent Gel 850ml – ACID Free

India's 1st detergent liquid without Acid slurry 100{edfd49b1be402b6ed5a1356ccca6b80efcae76471068a5257b15573bf640e0e6} satisfied buyers!

DOT Brass Spark 50ml, Tarnish Remover, Instant Stain Remover, Lasting Shine, No Black Marks. Removes heavily tarnished stains instantly

Instant Tarnish Remover: DOT BRASS SPARK is a powerful gel that instantly removes heavy tarnish from brass metals. No Black

DOT Floor Cleaner | Degreaser 400ml

India's 1st floor cleaner with activShiner and Oil Stain remover composition.

Napko G-COAT 60ml

RAIN WATER REPELLENT • Napko Rain water repellent is Easier and faster to apply Simply spray on and wipe off.

DOT Tap Shower Kitchen Surface Bathroom Mirror Multipurpose Cleaner – Insect Repellent Formula – (50gm Gel)

Non-Acidic Tap, Shower, Kitchen Surface, Multipurpose Cleaner, Insect repellent

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