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    Bathroom Care

    Bathroom Descaler D1 (250ml) - Rs.150

    Bathroom Descaler D1 (400ml) - Rs.200

    Bathroom Tiles Cleaner – Spray (400ml) - Rs.250

    India's 1st Pink Ceramic Cleaner (Toilet Cleaner) (5 Litres) Rs.1000

    Stainless Steel Care

    Tap & Shower, Multipurpose Cleaner (250ml) - Rs.150

    Tap & Shower, Multipurpose Cleaner (400ml) - Rs.250

    Stainless Steel Cleaner-Rust Remover (250ml) Rs.250

    Floor Care

    Floor Polish – White Patch Remover (100gm) - Rs.250

    Floor Cleaner & Degreaser (400ml) - Rs.200

    Floor Cleaner & Degreaser (5 Litres) - Rs.1200

    Regular Floor Cleaner (5 Litres) - Rs.900

    Marbles & Granite Cleaner - Degreaser (400ml) - Rs.250

    Marbles & Granite Cleaner - Degreaser (5 Litres) - Rs.1500

    Insect Repellent Floor Cleaner - Peppermint (250ml ) Rs.150

    Dress Care

    Liquid Detergent (900ml) - Rs.150

    Liquid Detergent (5 Litres) - Rs.750

    Ala Bleach (1 Litre) Rs.50

    Dish Wash Gel (900ml) - Rs.150

    Kitchen Oil Stain Remover (250ml) - Rs.150

    Glass Care

    Shower Glass Cleaner – Regular (400ml) - Rs.325

    Shower Glass Cleaner – Heavy (250ml) - Rs.250


    Handle Scrubber Tiles Cleaning- Better than ScotchBrite - Rs.75

    Seller Notes:-

    * Delivery within 2 days

    ** Free Delivery

    **We request you to support this service so that we will come again with offers!

    ** All our products are manufactured using 1st grade chemicals and INSTITUTIONAL GRADE

    **Rates are applicable only to the specific apartments in the drop-down

    **Please share the quality with friends and neighbours

    * Return the bottles without any damage and get between Rs. 5 & 15 per bottle/can on next purchase.

    * Get Rs. 25/- off on next purchase by sharing a 5 star rating in Amazon or Flipkart marketplace

    Share it to keep your surroundings hygienic!