Swacch Bharat

Dad’s Love

In the heart of Chennai, nestled amidst the bustling streets and vibrant culture, lived a devoted father named KSB, whose love for his daughter knew no bounds. Every evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, KSB would watch over his daughter as she slept, determined to shield her from any harm.

Yet, despite his best efforts, pesky mosquitoes plagued their home, leaving red welts on her delicate skin. Desperate to find a solution, KSB tirelessly experimented with various repellents, from oil lamps, candles to chemical sprays, bats, coils, gels but none proved effective without causing discomfort to his beloved child.

Refusing to give up, KSB turned to nature for inspiration. Drawing upon traditional wisdom passed down through generations, he crafted a concoction of natural ingredients carefully selected for their mosquito-repelling properties. With each ingredient chosen with his daughter’s well-being in mind, KSB created a gentle yet potent repellent that kept the mosquitoes at bay without harming his precious daughter.

As word of KSB’s innovative solution spread, parents across India sought out his natural repellent, grateful for a safe and effective way to protect their own children. And amidst the warm glow of familial love, KSB found solace in knowing that his daughter would always be safe under his watchful gaze.

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